Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs About the Hemp Body Care Line

  1. Do these products contain hemp derived CBD? No, our hemp body care line utilizes hempseed oil for multiple reasons, including anti-inflammatory properties, but the seed oil itself contains no significant levels of CBD. Please see detailed info on hempseed oil. Add link Hemp derived CBD is an extraction that is produced from the rest of the plant of industrial hemp — it does not come from the seed or the seed oil.
  2. Where is the hempseed oil sourced? We have sourced organic certified cold pressed hempseed oil from Canada since 1999.
  3. Are these products legal to ship or transport? Yes, hempseed oil products are legal to ship and transport nationally and internationally.

FAQs About the CHABA Line.

  1. What are Cannabis Health and Beauty Aids? Topical cannabis applications, <.3% THC, do not cross the blood brain barrier and are non-intoxicating.
  2. Will I get high from using CHABA? No, CHABA are not designed to get into the blood stream. They are designed for localized treatment speaking to the CB2 receptors in the skin, not the CB1 receptors in the brain.
  3. Will they make me fail a urine analysis test? At this point we do not think so, but there is no scientific research to prove either way.
  4. Can I fly with CHABA? TSA in Washington state has not taken CHABA products from flyers. We believe that you are fine to fly domestically
  5. How do these products work with low levels of THC? These products are effective because of the multiple cannabinoid, multiple terpenoid and multiple botanical formulations. We believe strongly in whole plant extractions and infusions, with their synergistic relation between our constituents.
  6. What cannabinoid harvesting methods are used? We use both old school fat infusion where the cannabinoids bond with the fat molecules and ethanol extraction, in some instances adding heat to de-carboxylate converting cannabinoids from its acid form.
  7. How deep do these products go? We utilize both hempseed oil as a carrier, as it is the closest oil to our own natural sebum and terpenoids to aid absorption carrying the formula into the lower levels of the sub-dermis.



State and Federal cannabis laws and regulations are constantly shifting. We have answered these questions to the best of our knowledge. We are not lawyers or doctors and do not represent any law or regulatory body. We suggest you do your own research.